Question Ask Frequency

Q.1 What types of Softener do we have within textile production?

- Amino Fluid
- Silicone Emulsion
- Antifoam Agent
- Anionic and Non-Ionic
- Hydrophobic
- Hydrophilic
- Napping Agent
- Releasing Agent

Q.2 How many production-line does Tai County Chemical has?

We have mainly 3 production lines
1. Textile Finishing Products
2. Tire Releasing
3. Car Detailing and Construction

Q.3 How casting release agent can improve productivity?

Casting release agent is designed to rapidly cool and adhere to casting mold surfaces to form a protective film to prevent sticking and to improve the releasing power.
Casting release agent can reduce cycle times and downtime to increase productivity and

Q.4 Why do I need to use a durable off model or type (multiple releases) tire spraying agent?

Spray inside a tire off the model agent for curing effect of complex contours excellent tire products, such as curing low profile, shoulder complex structure of high-performance tires may experience residual air in the tire problem.