NBA-10 (30%)

Hydrophobic Amino Silicone Softener

NBA-10 (30%) is a hydrophobic amino silicone fluid. It provide excellent smoothness and softness, also gives great resistance to wrinkling. NBA-10 with high activity can combine with other silicone to improve the function. After emulsifying can be applied in padding and dipping process.

Suitable for C, T, T/C and other chemical fibers.


Package:                                  HDPE Drums

Weight:                                    120 kg

Appearance:                            Transparent to yellowish liquid     

Active Ingredient (%):           60%

PH (5% Solution, 25°C):        6.0±1.0

Ionic Type:                              Slightly Ionic

Diluent:                                   Water

Usage Method:                      Please refer to PDS

Storage Instruction:         When stored in its originally sealed package at 5°C - 40°C, this product may be    stored up tp 8 months from its manufacturing date.


NBA-10 (30%).HEIC

NBA-10 (30%) EN PDS

NBA-10 (30%)  EN SDS

NBA-10 (30%) TW PDS

NBA-10 (30%) TW SDS