Special Synthesis Low-Chromatic Aberration Amino Silicone Fluid

We use segmented synthesis and end-capping reaction to make this non-chromatic aberration amino silicone fluid. Because of the special molecule, NS-9120 can provide excellent softness, smoothness, and anti-creasing, also with unique wet hand-feeling on the fabrics. NS-9120 is different with traditional amino silicone fluid. It just cause very low chromatic aberration and it can be applied to colorful fabrics to make the color brighter. (Not fluorescent brightening agent)


Package:                         Plastic Drums

Weight:                           120 kg

Appearance:                   Hazy yellowish liquid

Concentration (%):      100%

Viscosity:                       1000 ~ 6000

Amino Number:           approx. 0.1 mg KOH/g

Usage Method:             Please refer to PDS

Storage Instruction:    When stored in its originally sealed package at 5°C - 40°C, this product may be stored  up tp 8 months from its manufacturing date.



NS-9120 EN PDS

NS-9120 EN SDS

NS-9120 TW PDS

NS-9120 TW SDS